Phase 1: Survey component
The primary objectives of the survey was to gauge the importance of the Santa Fe area and measure the public preferences for culturally important sites, activities, beliefs, and issues. 10 types of questions have been developed to give great insight into the community as well as form a thematic structure for a film including: multiple choice, dropdown, matrix/rating scale, and texts boxes for personalized data entries. 
Phase 2: Focus Group component
Knowing You, Santa Fe, Focus Group, is part of a process of community engagement, dialogue, and a research method to understanding your community better. Participation in the focus group will be instrumental in designing and influencing a potential conceptual narrative in the film.
Tier 3: Film development
"Knowing You, Santa Fe", was developed through social engagement residency at the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 19th-29th. The short film below was one outcome, designed through survey data and a focus group of Santa Fe community members. The methods and techniques of conducting this research are part of a process of community engagement exploring the space of universal value systems, in hopes of using data in meaningful ways and attaining a greater understanding of a community, while re-contextualizing and rationalizing aesthetics of place.
Film Stills
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